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#2 Summer Solstice 2024

JUNE 20, 2024


The word Solstice means:  Sol (Sun) Stands Still.

At this Summer Solstice it’s important to PAUSE (stand still).

Nature has within it, built in check points, milestones and thresholds, for us to cross over. 

“Hinge points” that open and close chapters of the story of our lives. The Solstice offers one of those built in hinge points, two times per year.  

Right now, you have the perfect opportunity to STOP, REFLECT on the GOALS or INTENTIONS that were set back in December, and RESET

In doing so, you ensure you won’t breeze through the whole year, look back and think, “Where did all the time go? What did I do with this past year?”

We are now at the midpoint of the year; a naturally attuned and a built in check point moment.


I invite you to carve out a little space for yourself to tune in and ask yourself

  1. How focused have I been on living my intentions?

  2. What, if anything, is derailing my efforts and how can I mitigate this?

  3. What progress have I made that I can celebrate and acknowledge? 

These inquires are simple, yet powerful.

I’d love to hear your reflections.

I’m wishing you the most beautiful Cancer ♋️ Summer Solstice. I hope you take some time for yourself to reflect on where you are now, and where you’d like to be at the Winter Solstice in December (6 months from now).

Remember, you’re here to live your unique destiny. Just like an acorn seed is destined to become an oak tree. You’re here to become YOU in your fullest expression.

Your destiny is constantly whispering to you (guiding you, nudging you) and this is the perfect moment to stop and listen.

Thank you for being on this cosmic journey with me. I’m eternally grateful.

With love & appreciation,



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