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2024 New Years Msg

For the New Year ...

I hope what’s meant for you finds you in the most beautiful and spectacular way.

I hope it greets you like tiny sunbeams brushing against your skin.

Like the kind of warmth that starts inside your chest and fills every dark and hidden corner inside of you.

Like a soft, loving embrace.I hope what’s meant for you surprises you in the best and most unexpected way.

I hope when it comes, it feels like a missing puzzle piece sliding right into place. No force. Just ease.

Like a deep, soulful sigh of relief.I hope what’s meant for you settles over you like snowflakes sinking into your skin, making a home inside of you and never letting go.

I hope you feel a peculiar but right sense of familiarity when it comes. The kind of intuitive understanding that defies logic or reason. An instant knowing deep inside yourself that says, this is for me.

I hope what’s meant for you is even better than you had imagined.

I hope it feels like the kind of magic you didn’t know existed.

I hope your heart sings the sweetest melody when it’s near.

I hope you never have to guess whether this is real, whether it’s right.

I hope you know with every fiber of your being that this is the truest thing that exists.

I hope it makes you feel seen and safe and felt and known.

That it feels like love and purpose and truth.

That it feels like coming home.

Wishing you the most beautiful new year. 

With love and gratitude,


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