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Aquarius ♒️ & New Moon 🌙

New Moon 🌙 Breathwork 💨 Journey

Sat. Jan. 21/23 @ 5pm

Welcome Aquarius ♒️

There is so much to be excited about in the cosmos in 2023! It's looking to be the year we make sense of it all - a grand opportunity to tune into yourself, to your own frequency, and understand who you are now, having lived through the last few years, and who you are about to become because of it.

Aquarius ♒️ Season is being ushered in, bringing visionary energy with it.

Aquarius ♒️ lives in an exalted state of mind, connecting threads that may be unseen by others. Co-ruled by Saturn 🪐 and Uranus, they are brilliant, changemakers — breaking rules to create new ones in their place that benefit those around them.

They are the ones that defy expectations and live in their radical authenticity, pushing the limits of our existence.

Barriers are meant to be broken, and no one understands this more than Aquarius ♒️.

While the Sun ☀️ travels through humanitarian and eccentric Aquarius ♒️, we turn our attention to the themes of Vision, Hope and Progress.

Co-creation and collaboration are the backbones of these ideas, prompting us to expand our futures through and with community.

As we approach the New Moon 🌙 in Aquarius ♒️, the retrogrades of Mercury and Mars will be over.

A new day is dawning and we can start to move forward again.

A great way to welcome a new moon 🌙 is to participate in a breathwork and/or meditation practice.

Below ⬇️ is information regarding a breathwork journey I’m offering this weekend (Jan 21/23 @ 5pm) in honour of the New Moon 🌙.

“New Moon 🌙 Breathwork💨 Journey”

AKA “Active Meditation”

New Moon 🌙 or Dark Moon 🌚 is a time of setting new intentions.

  • A time when we become still and quiet

  • Beginning of a new cycle

  • A time to begin again


  • What are your intentions?

  • What seeds do you want to plant with intention of growing?

Use the power of this new moon 🌙 to help investigate emotions and fears that keep us stuck or blocked, and to open space in our bodies for deeper understanding.

This is a powerful time to ask questions and search the deeper parts of ourselves to get to the root of the problem, whatever that is.

To honour and connect to the energy of the New Moon 🌙 in Aquarius ♒️ ... I've created an epic breathwork 💨 journey.

Breathwork is an active and powerful meditation that uses breath to move, remove, and clear any stagnant or blocked energy.

Breathwork helps to connect deeper with our body, open our heart, and breakthrough patterns of limiting beliefs and anxiety.

This is a self-healing practice that is an efficient and powerful way to emotionally detox.

Connecting in this way helps us to connect deeper to our body, mind, and Spirit.

You will practice a few different breathing techniques in the form of an "active meditation" to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest), .

What you will need for this journey:

  • No special technology, just yourself at the studio or FB Live.

  • Breathwork is done laying down, you want to set up so that you are comfortable.

  • Example: pillow under knees, blanket to keep warm, eye pillow or something to cover eyes.

  • Prefer not to use a pillow under head - ideally have throat open to allow for release.

  • Feel free to bring anything to support you in the session (crystals, essential oils, favorite sweatshirt, etc.).

  • Think of this as creating your nest.

I believe healing is for everyone, regardless of race, social status, sexuality, religion.

I am committed to offering a safe space for healing for all people.


DATE / TIME: SAT. JAN.21 / 23 @ 5pm



  • UMM: $22

  • Class pass: $32

  • Non-members: $42


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