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You, my Beautiful Soul, have so much going on in your world right now.


The reality that others are creating is being pushed on you to create fear, confusion, and frustration. All of this isolates you in a bubble of worry, anxiety and of course, fear of the future.


My dear, Beautiful One, it is time for you to shut off all the noise. You must shut it off before the fear cycles into such a place that it amplifies hate, anger and feeds the message you were hearing. 


It is time for you to know that only through shutting out the noise will you gain the higher perspective of what is truly going on. It is only through this higher perspective that you can see above the trees and not be stuck in the jungle.  It is with this higher vibration that you can share the light that is so needed for others to awaken.


Through the awakening all the world will change for the better. This is the only way the world will  change so that tolerance and love will begin to be shared universally. 


Be the Beacon of Light for others. 

That my Beautiful Soul is the purpose.

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