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Despite being so straightforward, chanting is frequently shrouded in mystery or challenging by its meaning.

Chanting is like breathing. By bringing a deep, internal vibration to our breath, we can harness its power to release physical tension and cultivate concentration.

Ancient Origins

Chanting is possibly even older than language itself. Many different cultures have used sacred sounds and words to unlock the great mysteries of life throughout history.

These traditions can be found in almost every spiritual path, as well as in shamanism, mysticism, occult sciences, and religious contexts.

Even contemporary music, poetry, literature, and philosophy acknowledge the ability of words and sound to affect us profoundly and change the mental landscape.

Due to the large number of different religious traditions that use it (ie. Christian hymns and psalms, Jewish cantillation, Qur'anic reading, and Islamic Dhikr recitations) chanting is frequently dismissed as superstitious, dogmatic, or doctrinal.

There is chanting in the Baha'i, Gregorian, Vedic, Buddhist, Hindu, and Shamanic traditions. Chanting is also found in various cultures - African, Hawaiian, Aboriginal, and Native American.

There is no denying that communication through words, sounds, and vibrations is a universal ritual.

Healing Through Chanting

Conceptually speaking, it’s simple to comprehend how sound can have a positive or negative effect.

A loved one's voice, a child's laugh, or a cat's purr all have the ability to instantly bring happiness or provide mental comfort.

Where as the sound of a car crash, a wild animal, or a pneumatic drill on concrete, may cause an adrenaline rush, fear, or annoyance.

The parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and digest" response) is directly stimulated by the harmonious combination of sound, breath, and rhythm found in chanting. This causes the body's natural healing processes to start working, slowing heart rate and relaxing muscles.

Chanting also has physiological advantages. Chanting the sound “Om” has been linked by neuroscientific research to limbic deactivation, vagus nerve stimulation, and increased left-right brain synchronicity. This helps to explain why the chanting practice is so effective for focusing and reducing stress.

Other research revealed that chanting can lessen the signs of anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, and enhance mood and social cognition.

Below is a powerful mantra chant to bring happiness, peace, completeness and success to all.







Mantra 🕉️ Meaning

May there be happiness in all.

May there be peace in all.

May there be completeness in all.

May there be success in all.

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