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“ECLIPSE” (Blog #1)

What is an ECLIPSE?

Eclipses are a meaningful time to pause & notice what’s coming up for you.

  • What’s happening in your life right now?

  • What’s going on for you?

  • How are you feeling?

This is a good time to get out your journal & take a deeper look at what’s going on for you.

Eclipses have a lot of important & insightful information to share with you.

Eclipses are powerful teachers, and can be transformative times in your life:

  • If there are things in your life you need to be paying attention to, eclipses will show you.

  • If there are changes that need to be made, eclipses will set those in motion.

  • Big shifts occur during eclipses, whole chapters of our lives beginning & ending.

Journaling about what’s going on for you helps you see things in a way you might not notice otherwise. Journaling helps you recognize & foster shifts that occurring, things we sometimes miss when we’re busy focusing on getting by.

Below is a powerful journal exercise you can do in conjunction with this eclipse season (example of why consistent journaling is a powerful tool):

First: background about this eclipse season:

This month’s eclipse season begins with the SOLAR ECLIPSE in LIBRA ️ on Saturday, October 14, 2023. Followed by a PARTIAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in TAURUS ️ on October 28 / 29, 2023.

Eclipses bring the end of a larger cycle that began with the eclipse season in November 2021. At this time a series of eclipses began on the TAURUS ️ - LIBRA ️ AXIS. (this means that Libra ️ & Taurus ️ face each other in the sky).

In 2022 there were 2 more eclipse seasons on this same LIBRA ️ / TAURUS ️ AXIS (April & May 2022; October & November 2022).

This means, there’s been a story unfolding in your life that started in November 2021, and culminates with the eclipse season that’s beginning now.

YEAR 2021: Revisit what was happening in your life in November 2021. Look in old journal entries from that time & consider:

  • What were you writing about?

  • What was coming up for you then?

  • What was challenging you?

  • Where were struggling with?

If you weren’t journaling: review old social media posts, dates on your calendar, etc. (help remind you what was happening in your life then).

Also check in around the time of the other LIBRA ️ / TAURUS ️ eclipses in April/May 2022 & October/November 2022.

PRESENT TIME:  Consider what's happening in your life now.

  • What’s coming up in your life?

  • What are you dealing with?

  • Where are you struggling? How are you feeling?

  • Is there a common thread between what’s happening now & what was happening at those other times?

  • Do you see a connection or an echo on the same theme now?

  • Can you see ways you’ve grown or evolved since then?

JOURNALING is POWERFUL … gives you the ability to go back & look deep at your life, in a way you can’t if you’re just trying to remember what was happening two years ago. Plus, it’s this deep reflection that helps you chart real, meaningful growth & transformation in your life.

(It might not feel like anything has changed for you over the last two years. You might not be able to see the evolution that has occurred for you).


You are constantly growing & shifting, that’s just nature! When you start recognizing the real shifts that are occurring in your life – that’s powerful and deeply empowering.

Journaling is a powerful tool you have in your personal growth tool kit.

Sending you much love and wishes for a gentle & empowering final eclipse season of 2023. 



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