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APRIL 3, 2024

We are currently in the middle of the first eclipse season of 2024.

On Sunday, March 24/24 a LUNAR ECLIPSE occurred which brought the energy of cleansing & clearing.

We are also in a SPRING season which is also a time to CLEANSE & CLEAR.

** CLEANSE: Physical Body, Mental Mind, & Home Environment.

** CLEAR: Clutter in living spaces, & your mental mind (thoughts).


You need to release things in order to create space for the new growth of spring to bloom in your life.


  1. What is ready to be released from your life?

Monday (April 8, 2024) is a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.

Along with this eclipse comes the invitation to allow the truest, most authentic version of yourself to shine.


  • The light of the SUN ☀️ is blocked by the MOON 🌕

☀️ SUN represents your EGO.

  • EGO is the part of yourself that you let others see, the part you present to others.

🌕 MOON contains your shadows, emotions, and the deeper moody self (the parts you prefer not to show others, the parts you hide away).

During a SOLAR ECLIPSE these shadowy parts are invited to step forward, and be seen in the light of day.

✨ The SOLAR ECLIPSE invites you to reveal the deeper parts of yourself, and to let your truest self shine. ✨


A powerful time to ask yourself:

  • Where can you be more aligned with your deeper, truest self?

  • Where do you feel out of alignment with these parts of yourself?

  • Are there practical ways you can bring more alignment to these parts of yourself?

  • What deeper parts of you, different versions of you, that you keep tucked away deep down inside, are wanting to emerge right now?

  • How can you let those versions shine?


  1. Spend time this week exploring these questions.

  2. Ask yourself one question each day, or write in a journal, and just see what comes up for you. 

Namaste 🙏


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