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Eclipse & Time Windows (blog #2)


Blessings to you ALL!

Something that has become abundantly clear to me, is that change happens in an instant. Yet there can be a whole process leading up to that moment of shift.  

True transformation is something that becomes most profound when cultivated over time.

Because of this, the best way to support spiritual growth, expansion and transformation is with consistent meditation and spiritual practice.

Along with this, there are time periods with special energetic characteristics that support growth and transformation.

These unique and powerful points in time, or "time windows" create openings to deepen spiritual connection, accelerate transformation and support making a quantum leap or powerful paradigm shift.

The Annular "RING OF FIRE SOLAR ECLIPSE is one of these powerful time windows for accelerated transformation.

During the Eclipse there will be an alignment of the Sun and Moon. But since the Moon is smaller than the Sun, the Sun appears as a bright ring around the dark moon ... Hence the name "Ring of Fire".

The light of the sun and the dark of the moon merge. This creates an opportunity for integrating the shadow, for alchemizing your light and your darkness into love of the Divine Heart.

This energy creates an impulse to bring greater harmony into your life.

With awareness, intention and focus, this Eclipse energy supports you in aligning your personality self with Soul Truth -

Embodying the Fullness, Light and Brilliance of your Soul.

With love and bright blessings,


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