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Today is the Virgo Full Moon. I love this Full Moon because it reminds me that I am worthy and perfect just as I am.

It’s the perfect time to sit with the emotions stirred up by Pisces ♓️ Season and love myself unconditionally.

Virgo ♍️ reminds me that I have the power to heal myself through unconditional love and acceptance. 

This Full Moon 🌕 extends an invitation to shed the layers of perfectionism that have held us back, urging us to love ourselves wholeheartedly.

It's a powerful time for recognizing that our value doesn't stem from our actions or achievements but from our energy.

Embracing this truth—that we are enough in our being—is pivotal on the journey to manifesting our deepest desires.

You are inherently worthy of your dreams and possess everything you need to fulfill them, exactly as you are today. 




I easily determine what is & is not my responsibility in any given relationship.


As we shift into Pisces ♓️ season our sensitivities increase.

Notice where things may have not had much of an emotional reaction during Aquarius ♒️ season, and now do, adjust accordingly.

There is a layer of detachment to the Air sign that allows life and ideas to move through quickly without settling too deep.

As air morphs and gathers humidity, particles form pools, and through the water 💦 sign of Pisces ♓️ we will notice an internal shift, just like changing weather.

The Virgo ♍️ full moon 🌕 arrives with a formula not long after the Sun moves into Pisces and just before we get too carried into the in-between realms, highlighting practicality.

How can we give ourselves the containers we need so we can overflow them in a way that doesn't have our lives seeping into chaotic oblivion?

What is being highlighted right now that needs to be wrangled and ordered so we can enjoy the creative, dreamy, boundary-less realms of this next season that lies before us?

Organization creates freedom, it does not restrict it. For if there is somewhat of a plan, you can let go of the rest and relax into the unfolding of it.

You can always explore the unknown pathways that branch from the original idea, and follow those instead.

A path through a forest is not the only way to explore its wonders, but it's extremely helpful if we get lost because we can always come back to it.

This full moon 🌕 is a good time for noticing where things are a little floppy, set boundaries, and let go of ways that didn't work in the past.

Listen deeply to your response to your surroundings (not through the mind that was active during Aquarius ♒️ season), but listen 👂 deeply to the body: somatic responses, intuition, and heart.


I release drama, distractions, & doubt.

Something is emerging in me.

I'm building something big; I feel it coming to life now.

I feel a new cycle starting now.

I gently release & let go of what no longer serves me.

I release so I can receive.

A momentum has been created. 

I am expanding now & welcome the new.

Full moon 🌕 blessings.


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