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Gentle Yoga Series


DATE:  NOV 7 - DEC 21, 2023


  • DM Rhoni

  • Limited Space



- Breathe

- Restore

- Replenish

- Reset

Nourish Yourself: 👇

- Breathe

- Movement

- Restore Calm

- Grow Mindful Self-Compassion

- Balance overworked Nervous System

** Soak in a Pause.

** Align, Stretch, Strengthen

AFTER Each Class You Will FEEL 👇

- Fresh Perspective

- Lighter, Happier, Healthier, Connected


As leader, mom, and wife, I know what it’s like to feel depleted, stressed, achy, and frustrated.

Bringing together coaching and mindful yoga in my own life was the secret to feeling better and making the changes I wanted and needed to make.

Classes are created to address common pain points of people struggling with recovering from injuries and/or the aged body (seniors).

If you struggle with:,

- self-compassion

- body image

- time scarcity

- disappointment

- resentment

- jealousy

- anger,l

- burnout

- intense emotions,

  • This Gentle Yoga Series will help you.

Gentle Yoga Asana Classes:

- All levels

- Nurturing

- Themed specifically to address common pain points


- Grow self-compassion

- Ease time scarcity

- Restore calm

- Lessen resentment

- Soften judgment

- Rebalance frazzled nervous systems

- Move through anger

- Feel less unsettled

- Get comfortable with uncertainty

- Stop feeling inadequate

- Heal burnout

- Make friends with your body

- Practice feeling good

- Heal your physical body and mental mind

I teach “Mindful Yoga” as a gift to people struggling with recovering from injuries, aged physical body (seniors) and people who are adjusting to a new/different space in their life (ie. prenatal/postnatal).

If you are depleted and need an oasis during a hectic week, you are invited to join me.

  • Soak in a pause

  • Breathe deeply

  • Align

  • Stretch

  • Strengthen

  • Enjoy Calmness in a group setting

See you soon!

By participating in any of Rhoni's offerings you agree:

1. You are physically & emotionally healthy enough to participate in yoga.

2. If you have a medical concern and/or are unsure if it’s safe to participate in yoga, you will contact your doctor.

3. Your participation in Rhoni’s classes is entirely voluntary.

4. You release Rhoni Peace from ANY liability from your participation.

5. We respect your privacy.

Feedback statement:

“Practicing with Rhoni feels like coming home to myself.”

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