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Good Friday: Esoteric meaning

"Good Friday" commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith.

This is a polarizing topic to discuss because there are various strong beliefs about what the deeper meaning behind this great mystery really is.

Yesterday I spent time reflecting, meditating, and feeling into the energies. Information below explores the esoteric (hidden from the masses) meaning of Good Friday as I’ve come to understand it.

I grew up in a religious household. I remember attending Good Friday church service. I remember a feeling of grief, sadness and heaviness in the air (somber mood). At the same time the service had a sense of anticipation and hope around the miracle to come.

A common religious interpretation of the mystery of Good Friday: It represents Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, death, and sacrifice for the redemption of humanity.

Christian Perspective

According to Christian theology, Jesus willingly suffered and died on the cross to atone for ALL the sins of humanity.

In Christianity, this act of selflessness and love is seen as the ultimate example of compassion and devotion .... a literal saving of humans from the wages of sin = death.

Esoteric Perspective

From an esoteric perspective, the mystery on the Hill at Golgotha and crucifixion of Christ is not only seen as a historical event - it’s viewed as a cosmic event representing a powerful shift in the balance between the spiritual and material realms.

Through this esoteric lens, Christ is viewed as a Divine Being who came to Earth through the life of Jesus (Christ), to bring a new impulse of spiritual development to humanity. In this lens Jesus' physical body is seen as a vessel for the spiritual forces of Christ to enter the physical realm and transform it.

Symbolism of Crucifixion

The cross is a symbol of the union between the earthly and divine realms. The crucifixion, and sacrifice made by Jesus empowered a direct connection and union between humanity and the Divine.

A powerfully significant moment in the ongoing evolution of the cosmos.


Good Friday is associated with the element of fire.

🔥 Represents purification and transformation.

🔥 Illuminates the potential to release, let go, purify, and transform what no longer serves us.

🔥 Creates the space and openness for a direct union and communion with the Divine to be empowered in our lives as we step into the new.

Good Friday is a powerful day of Forgiveness!

Forgiveness provides an opportunity for deep spiritual reflection and contemplation to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual forces at work in the world.

Forgiveness is an invitation from Spirit to claim a great blessing.

Forgiveness is an opportunity to connect with the Divine directly within, thru deep contemplation, meditation, and spiritual practices.

Violet Flame

The symbolism of the Violet Flame is often used as a vehicle for transformation, forgiveness, letting go, and transmutation.

With love & blessings,


P.S. Next we will explore the “Violet Flame”.

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