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Welcome to the Year of the Water 💦 Rabbit 🐇!!

We're definitely at a powerful point of a new beginning right now.

Below is a reminder today about the power of returning to Presence. 👇

Quite simply, this is a reminder to shine your light!

Remember that amidst whatever is happening in your life right now … 👇

Just beneath the surface of your normal conscious mind 🧠 is an infinite well of love ❤️, peace ☮️ and presence just waiting for you to tune in to it.

With your heart ❤️ open … allow love to circulate through you, the gifts of the present moment can be revealed.

Including clear guidance for how you can use your heart ❤️ energy to shine ✨ love ❤️ throughout your life in a new way.

And through viewing life through the lenses of love ❤️, naturally become aware of where new opportunities are opening up for you.

Opportunities to cultivate fertile soul for aligning with greater awareness, higher knowledge, emotional mastery, clear connection with Spirit, authenticity, community and being of service in a way you love ❤️and enjoy.

These are all qualities of the Water 💦 Rabbit 🐇 by the way.

Which become available to you as a result of your bringing your gifts to the world. 🌍

Thru shining✨ your light 💡 in the most empowered and heart-centered way. ❤️

Although your mind 🧠 and circumstances of the external may tell you otherwise.

Remember you can choose to lean into the present moment now.

With lightness in your heart ❤️ and love ❤️ in your field you can choose to allow the lotus 🪷 of your heart ❤️ to open and shine forth from within you.

Letting love ❤️ flow thru your being to ripple out far beyond you.

Leveraging this Lunar New Year 🧧 as an opportunity to reset into living in greater love, and in alignment with more of who you truly are.

Create true and lasting magic 🪄 in your life, by fully embracing the truth of who you are at soul level.

Stay present and shine ✨ your 💡 light!

Happy Lunar New Year I of the Water 💦 Rabbit 🐇!

May this New Lunar Year 🧧 bring so much joy, love and bright blessings into every area of your life.

With love and gratitude,


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