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Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile (& natural) remedy that has been used for decades to treat health issues.

Its oxidizing properties effectively fight infections, eliminate toxins, reduce pain, and detoxify the body.

  • Used Externally: wound cleaning, acne, and reducing dental plaque.

  • Used Internally: sinus infections, eliminating parasites, detoxification, & potentially as a cancer therapy.



Sinus infection (aka sinusitis) occurs when the tissue lining the sinuses becomes inflamed and swollen. This can result in a buildup of mucus and cause discomfort or pain in the face, head, and nasal passages.

Hydrogen peroxide has been used as a treatment for sinus infections due to its antibacterial and

antiviral properties.

Hydrogen peroxide for sinus infections is typically mixed with water and used as a nasal rinse. A nasal rinse involves using a solution to irrigate the nasal passages, helping to flush out excess mucus and any harmful bacteria or viruses.

The hydrogen peroxide solution can helps reduce inflammation in the nasal passages, relieving symptoms such as congestion and pressure.


Hydrogen peroxide has been a popular wound sanitizer for many years due to its effectiveness in killing bacteria and preventing infection. Its use as a wound sanitizer dates back to the early 20th century when it was first used in medicine.

When applied to a wound, hydrogen peroxide reacts with the organic matter, such as blood and bacteria, and breaks down into water and oxygen. This reaction produces bubbles that can help to lift debris and dirt out of the wound.

The oxygen produced by the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide also helps to kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that can cause infection. This is because many bacteria and other pathogens are anaerobic, meaning they cannot survive in the presence of oxygen.

While hydrogen peroxide effectively kills bacteria and prevents infection, it can also damage healthy tissue and delay the healing process if used improperly. It is important to follow the proper protocol when using hydrogen peroxide to clean a wound, such as diluting it with water and only using it on the wound's surface.


When taken internally, hydrogen peroxide can also help to eliminate parasites from the body by creating an oxygen-rich environment that is hostile to parasites.

Parasites are often anaerobic, meaning they cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Thus by increasing the amount of oxygen in the body, hydrogen peroxide helps create an environment that is inhospitable to parasites, which can then be eliminated naturally by the body's immune system.


Hydrogen peroxide serves as a mild anti-inflammatory, relieving pain associated with toothaches and other common conditions. It treats and eradicates any germs or infections causing the ache.

One study published in the Journal of Dental Hygiene found that hydrogen peroxide effectively reduced dental plaque and gingivitis. The study involved a randomized controlled trial in which participants were given a mouthwash containing hydrogen peroxide or a placebo. The results showed that the group using the hydrogen peroxide mouthwash had significantly less dental plaque and gingivitis than the placebo group.


Hydrogen peroxide has been used as a detoxification agent to eliminate toxins from the body.

When ingested or applied to the skin, hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, which can help to flush toxins out of the body. This is because the extra oxygen produced by hydrogen peroxide helps to stimulate the body's natural detoxification processes, which can help to remove harmful substances from the body.

In addition to its detoxifying properties, hydrogen peroxide can also help to boost the immune system by increasing the amount of oxygen in the body. This can help the body to fight off infections and illnesses more effectively, leading to an overall improvement in health and well-being.


I've used Hydrogen Peroxide for several years for mouth & dental 🦷 issues; & recently for parasites.

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