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Within our solar year there are 4 focal points that have been honoured throughout the ages as important moments marking the cyclical passage of time.

EARTH 🌍 based wisdom traditions recognize the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice as signposts along our spiritual journey.

Each of us as an individual mirrors the cyclical patterns of nature’s seasons. We all experience growth, expansion, releasing and letting go and once again becoming.

Being aware of and celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes are beautiful ways to become more aligned and attuned to our personal cyclical patterns of rebirth, life and death.

Energy is Changing

On Saturday, September 23, 2023 is the Fall Equinox, we’ll transition from summer into fall.

Equinox is a Latin word that signifies ‘equal night’ referring to the fact that on the day of the Equinox day and night are equal, roughly there are 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness.

The expansive fiery energy of Summer is now going to recede and make more room as each day passes for the cold and the dark to emerge.

The energy is changing from outward bound towards more inward, preparing us to go into the stillness of the ‘in between’ space of the darkest winter months. 

Receiving & Letting Go

Nature invites us to let go, just like the trees that release their leaves, to make room within ourselves to enter the no-thingness of Winter to rest, regenerate and heal.

This is beautifully reflected within Chinese Medicine that relates the fall season to the organs of the Lungs and Large Intestines, receiving and letting go.

Letting go is essential to receive again, we need to surrender to this process and the fall season is a wonderful time to do this consciously.

We can reflect back on who we have become over the past year and release what is deep underneath the surface to clear the darkness within, preparing our own winter retreat where we can cocoon and be reborn again in spring.

“Turn Within” … Kundalini Yoga Sequence: Monday, Sept. 25 / 23 @ 6:30pm

We have created a new Kundalini Yoga sequence especially for the Equinox and the coming months. All the elements of this sequence are intentionally chosen to work with the energy of this moment of the year. 

We will tune into the balance between the dark and light polarities by working with:

  • Ida & Pingala Nadis

  • hemispheres of the brain

  • Prana & Apana Vayus

Asana and breathwork will strengthen your Lungs and Large Intestine, the organs and meridians that relate to FALL to keep your immunity up and support you in the process of letting go.

We’ll end the session with a longer meditation to clear the subconscious … helping you to surrender to your Higher Self, letting go of the resistance to change.

It is great to do this practice on the morning or evening of the Equinox day and then keep up with the practice for a while to integrate its effects deeper, either the whole set or just the meditation. 

PURPOSE: To Gracefully Flow Along with the Seasons of Nature Towards the Unfolding of Our True Self.

Looking forward to sharing this energy medicine with you. Using the tools of yoga, mudra, breath and meditation to realign ourselves to the energy of the moment.



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