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My burdens are only as heavy as the secrets I hang onto.

My Thought for Today is related to the 2nd Chakra.

Sacral / Svadisthana Chakra

Element: Water

Sense: Taste

Colour: Orange

Location: Above pubic bone and below navel


I am radiant, beautiful and strong.

I enjoy a healthy and passionate life.

I am in touch with my feelings.

I am a creative being.

We are only as sick as the secrets we keep.

Not letting others know who we really are keeps us continually off-balance while in their presence.

Risking full openness, even with friends, is not easy; however, the pain that accompanies secret keeping far exceeds the potential pain of self revelation.

There are unexpected gifts for our complete honesty. One is discovering that we are like others. We are not unique in our own shame nor our own self abhorrence. And the attachments to others inspired by her decision to share a self strength. The pain of alienation diminishes. We begin to sense our equality, one with another, and we experience trust.

Sharing secrets, our own and others', lessons the burden of guilt but the Mrs. each of us. But more than that, our freedom from Seacrets nurtures healthy personal growth. Hiding nothing convinces us that we have nothing to hide; thus, we are free to try new behaviors, and move an unfamiliar directions.


My burdens are only as heavy as the secrets I hang onto.

I will release any toxic thoughts, words, behaviours, and people.

Today I choose to be open, honest & vulnerable."

~ Words by Rhoni

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