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Updated: Jul 7


The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. You've probably heard this before. Guess what? It's absolutely true!

Happily for us, the ENERGY of Cancer ♋️ invites us to look inward and assists us in truly connecting with the notion of self-care.

Practicing kindness and sharing with others are elemental to our growth and sense of fulfillment, but we need to make sure we’re extending that kindness to ourselves as well.

As Cancer ♋️ is a WATER 💦 sign ruled by the moon🌕, the tides of emotion may rise and fall more dramatically. Yet, we can counter the turbulence with intentional self-reflection and centering practices such as nature walks or yoga.

This is a month to practice being gentle with yourself and always remember, you're deserving of the same kindness you offer to others.

The spiritual idea of the month of Cancer ♋️ is that if we are able to break out of our shell, we have the potential to experience the greatest of all freedoms, unconditional love.

Cancer ♋️ is the month to fight for Light, Blessings, Growth, and Change. If we do that, this can be the greatest month of the year.

Cancer’s ♋️ energy asks us to peer inwards, for when we fully connect with our emotions and the messages they send, we expand our powers to manifest change in our lives.

In the month of Cancer ♋️, the more we put ourselves in the realm of love by choosing to see the good in others l, the more chance we have at experiencing an open heart.


The energy of the New Moon 🌑 in Cancer ♋️ is all about emotional depth and nurturing our inner selves.

It's an ideal time to set intentions and plant the seeds for your dreams.

This powerful lunar phase will help you connect with your true desires and create a life filled with abundance and joy.

May your kindness and gentleness towards yourself know no bounds this month.



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