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NEW MOON 🌑 Feb. 9/24

🌙✨ The New Moon: Friday, February 9, 2024.

🌙✨This NEW MOON   🌑 is in Aquarius. ♒️

THEME: Adapt, change, shift and move on.

Aquarius ♒️ helps us move into this new clean and bright space. Lighter, faster, more free, and profoundly dynamic!

Inquiry 🧐

Where do you want your life to be more free?

🌙✨ As we move through this Imbolc season, it becomes clear that there is new life buzzing deep underground. You might not see it yet, but the daffodil & tulip bulbs have already come alive.

Down in the darkness a new life is beginning to grow – even if there’s nothing to see in the outside world.

🌙✨ The same thing is happening for you. You may not see anything growing within you, but deep inside new life is buzzing. These sparks of new life are so exciting.


It can be uncomfortable as new life begins to grow within you. Because you're being forced to stretch & expand in really uncomfortable ways.

This time in winter ❄️ is a time of being tested … it’s an initiation.

Inquiry 🧐

Will you allow yourself to be in the discomfort required to stretch & expand, and let this new life form?

Deep & profound change is often challenging. WHY?

  • We are creatures of habit.

  • We like things that are familiar & comfortable.

  • We want to feel safe, protected.

  • Meaningful change requires you to let go of all that.

  • Change requires you to be uncomfortable.

Our brains (ego) don’t want to embrace something new. WHY?

  • New is scary, it’s threatening.

  • Change doesn’t feel good.

  • Our brain thinks its job is to keep us safe: to always be vigilant against things that will harm us.

  • New things might harm us, so our brains want to shut it down.

  • Making changes often requires you to fight against what your brains is telling you.

Inquiry 🧐

  • Do you have the strength, courage, and trust to push past whatever your brain tries to tell you to make you stop?

  • Can you be in the discomfort & let something new be born??

  • Do you have the courage & strength to step into the new life you’re dreaming for yourself?

The best things you can do for yourself right now, is to be sensitive with yourself, and take deep care of yourself.

Inquiry 🧐

  • What makes you feel nourished, calm, and taken care of?

  • How can you take the best care of yourself, in order for you to lean into the discomfort required to make deep, meaningful change in your life?

🌙✨ During this time of feeling deregulated & uncomfortable, remember to REST.

🌙✨ You don’t actually have to do anything right now. We are still in winter, your most important work is to continue to rest.


I am pouring positive energy on my past, so my future blossoms freely without any hinderance or limitations.

In the Light of our Hearts, may unity prevail on earth. 🌍

🌙✨Sending you love as you navigate this challenging and powerful, time of year!



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