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New Moon in Virgo September 17, 2020

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Roots Run Deep On This Virgo New Moon

This is a powerful new Super Moon; which may cause you to feel a bit out of sorts. Super Moons are closer to the earth which upgrades their energy and intensity. New Moons signal new beginnings. 

This is a time for a clean slate and a fresh start. But before you go all out, you need to go all in. This New Moon asks what helps you feel at home in yourself and in your body, and asks you to devote yourself to stabilizing your structure. 

Like clockwork, every New Moon has a subtle physical, emotional, and mental impact on us all, but some feel it more obviously than others. Are you moon sensitive like me? If so, take a deep breath because this New Moon and Mars retrograde configuration may knock you a bit off balance in order to eventually get you more firmly planted - you need to slow down and take stock. 

It's worth noting that this New Moon will be at a 90 degree angle to the lunar nodes (mathematical points traced between the sun and moon) - nodes are spiritual growth points that serve as collective soul lessons. Everything that happens externally will be felt internally and for many will result in feeling a little unstable (ie. wildfires and pandemic are obvious and heart-breaking reflections). This configuration is what astrologers refer to as a "Wobbly Moon".  Wobbly Moons indicate spiritual growth points and will ask us to dig deep. 

It's time for you to find stability within the instability. Create solid ground within yourself so no matter what happens in the outside world, you have equanimity within. The earth is a mirror of your body - you are not apart from the earth's condition. So get your bare feet on the ground and call in unconditional love.

Virgo is the ultimate healer. Discomfort might be felt in your body. Virgo is truly your deepest connection to the physical world and your experience in your body. If you have been in fear, rushing, pushing, and / or over-extending, your body might be speaking to you right now. Listen to it. The body has innate wisdom and messages to share all the time, but we are often so wrapped up in the business and distraction of our lives that we don't listen to its calls (until it's too late). It is healthy and safe to rest. 

If you are having pain in your body, sit with it. Meditate with it. It is most likely asking you to slow down and get reconnected with your first and life-long home. The Virgo Moon asks for deep grounding and clearing of anything that has been held for too long. This New Moon is calling you back home to yourself, back to a loving relationship with your body, and back to the sacredness of recuperation and rest. 

The art of discernment will be key in the upcoming months. Virgo asks what's truly important.

Questions to Consider:

  • What are you giving your energy to that is draining your reserves, and what is filling you up?

  • What is energizing your soul?

  • What is tapping from your well that isn't filling you back up in return?

Come home to yourself on this New Moon. Think healthy boundaries, holistic wellness, loosen the grip on that which you compulsively control, and take time to pause and listen to your body. As you root down, ground, and get connected, things will become clearer. You will begin to feel more at home with yourself and eventually be ready to take the next steps.

There is no rush. There is no race. Trust the mystical process that is life right now.

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