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“New Year Resolutions” … Suggestion:

Don’t set a New Year’s resolution before getting clear of pre-installed negative narratives.

These stories cause us to choose resolutions that aren’t in alignment with who we really are, deny our uniqueness and gifts, and keep us trying to fit into boxes that were never meant for us.

It’s time to cut the narratives and discover how to lovingly expand your self perspective so you can make 2023 a year you’re proud of.


✨See Through The Eyes Of Love✨

You can kick off the New Year with a whole new loving view of YOU.

I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions. They don’t tend to serve me well. I eventually fail at them.

A few years ago I learned a new method: Pray & Meditate a word be revealed to me that I can intentional live towards.

For example, “Words” in the past have been:

- “DETOX” - cleansing my life, negative thoughts, hurtful behaviours and hurtful feelings; and eliminate people who’d bring negativity into my space.

- “DREAM” - find and reconnect with my life passions that I had let life steal from me. As a result MSYI was purchased, my Gypsy heart was born, and I released my fear of travelling.

This year the word that found its way to me is “BECOME”.

It was completely unexpected. I keep meditating on the word “become” I’m filled with excitement.

How will I live my life differently in 2023 to BECOME … to become closer to who I am really meant to be … Discover … Whole.

What will your word be?


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