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Oct Full Moon




Date:  October 28, 2023




My sense of security is founded on confidence in myself, I am grounded and abundant.


It’s evident everywhere that the last few weeks have been hard.

Harrowing even.

Each with our own inner experiences.

Oscillating the full spectrum from heart breaking grief, helplessness, and empathic distress.

To deep gratitude and joy for the closeness of our loved ones whom we are holding tighter now.

The external world, distressing.

The human experience, a rollercoaster.

This partially eclipsed full moon 🌕 shines more light on the shadows we have been witnessing.

Inquiry 🧐

  1. How do we remain steady?

  2. How do we speak to the unspeakable?

Finding my own words has been difficult.

This is an end of a cycle, but not an end of what has been surfacing, that is all still yet to be excavated and transformed.

Inquiry 🧐

  1. What is a life worth?

  2. What a question to grapple, and then argue over?

  3. Is this what the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle revealed to us I wonder?

  4. What is a life worth?

  5. Powerful words whirl around, but are they enough without action?

This is not an easeful illumination, but one where we will start to see a bigger picture.

Be aware to be gentle with those words, with each other.

Balance is a reminder left by the "Libran" sun ☀️ as we transition into the new energetic space of Scorpio ♏️, so we can go deeper into the unknown and hold steady.

Taurus ♉️ moon 🌝 chants diligent grounding practices and nervous system regulation to ease intensity and bring us home, present.

We will benefit daily by bringing focus into the body, being out in nature, and simple rituals:

  • a clean room

  • watering plants

  • regular nourishment.

Allow the earth to hold you, receive your grief and transform it into heart-led action.

Allow our animal and plant allies to lift us up.

Find beauty in the mundane.

Find beauty in the crevices of the human experience.

Find beauty in unexpected places. 


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