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This past week I spent time to reflect on what freedom really means and how inner freedom makes all the difference in the world.


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Have you ever felt like there's something holding you back - that you're not fully free within yourself?

  • Maybe it's that job that drains your energy 

  • Shame and guilt that you aren't further in life or where you thought you'd be

  • Or relationships that no longer resonate with your true self


What's weighing you down is a signal – a sign that something needs to change.


Below is HOW you set yourself FREE to embrace authenticity and alignment.

These have helped me release the chains holding me back from reaching my biggest goals and dreams!



Take a moment today to reflect: 

  • What in your life feels like a ball and chain? 

  • What feels heavy or dark when you think about it?

  • Is it a demanding schedule, negative self-talk, or habits that no longer serve your highest good? 


Awareness is KEY.

Recognizing these captors is the first step toward reclaiming your freedom.



It's time to draw boundaries. 

Say NO to activities, people, or thoughts that DRAIN your energy and leave you feeling DEPLETED. 


This doesn't mean you reject everything and anything.

Rather it's about you placing a loving boundary around yourself.

This allows you to reclaim your time and energy for pursuits that light up your soul and bring you joy.

Meaning you show up better (not only for yourself) but for EVERYONE around you!



  • What makes your heart sing? 

  • What makes you light up with joy?

  • What aligns with your truest self? 


Whether it's pursuing a passion project, spending time in nature, or nurturing meaningful connections, say YES to activities that resonate with your authentic soul. 


These are the things that lift you higher and lead you closer to the person you are destined to become.

It helps calm your nervous system so you have greater stress resilience for when those hard times roll around!


While the tips above may seem simple, they aren't always easy.


We subconsciously believe things must be HARD and STRESSFUL to hold substantial meaning. This sneaky belief system elevates stress hormones like cortisol, impacting sense of freedom and well-being.


However, by reducing stress through practices like meditation, gratitude, and positive lifestyle changes, you can create a more peaceful internal environment conducive to personal growth and authentic alignment. 


These practices give you that feeling of FREEDOM!



  • Mindful Moments: Take 5 minutes each day for deep breathing or a short meditation to recenter, come back home to yourself, and release tension. It's really as simple as that, so that you move out of dissociation and into the present moment.

  • Boundaries: Set clear boundaries with work or personal commitments to protect your time and energy. Then HONOUR THEM. Be a person of your word to yourself. That's how trust is rebuilt within you.

  • Gratitude Practice: Reflect on what you're truly grateful for each day to set a beautiful foundation that opens the doors to a positive mindset and attracts more abundance into your life. What you think about grows.


Embracing the path to freedom and authenticity is unique to each of us. 

I want you to know that I'm here to walk with you on this miraculous journey of self-discovery and growth! 


And know that every step forward brings you closer to living as your truest self = true freedom! 


When you shine brightly and freely, you release your chains, and inspire others to step into their own beautiful light.


Shine bright and free!



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