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🍂 SAMHAIN is this week  🍂

This is the sacred seasonal day marking the end of the harvest season ... the time of Death in nature.

This is the time of year when we acknowledge, and honour, the role that Death plays in the cycle of Life.

You cannot continue to evolve, and birth new life, without experiencing Death.

The seasonal energy is supporting you right now in the challenging work of letting things die in your own life.

This is a transformative time of year. When you connect with this potent energy, and let it guide you in your soul work, you can create lasting growth and change in your life.

I have a few things to share with you (below) to help you connect with this meaningful time of year and use its energy in your own personal growth work.

Beautiful Samhain blessings to you! I'm sending you so much love at this powerful seasonal time.





Samhain is a cross-quarter day, the days that mark the mid-point of the season.

Here at the mid-point we can really see the shift in the seasonal energy. It’s clear we’re in autumn.

At the Equinox the energy was still mingled with summer, inner and outer worlds swirling around each other; and a time of finding balance between the two.

At Samhain its clear that our inner world is overtaking our outer. Day is turning to night as we move into the dark side of the wheel of the year. This is where we leave the outer world behind. This is where the energy turns inward, and things need to die on the outside in order to do that.

Samhain celebrates Death.

The time of year when we pause to acknowledge the importance of death in the cycle of life. Honour the critical role death plays in your own spiritual journey.



At this time in autumn it’s clear things have turned inward. You can see it in the trees and gardens, and you can feel it in your spirit. We’re drawing inward and our inner lives want our attention. 

This is the time of year to get comfortable with your inner life. This is where the work is for the next few months.

Make peace with yourself right now. Don’t judge anything that comes up for you. Just feel whatever you need to feel, and practice being an observer. Observe your inner life without judgement.


This dark side of the wheel of the year reminds you not to fear the darkness. There’s a lot of beauty in these dark days. Embrace it. Magic is born in the darkness.

As you turn inward, don’t be afraid to look at your dark parts – be an observer. No judgement.


  • What do your shadows want to show you?

  • What do you see if you gaze unafraid at the darkness you fight to hide?

  • What if you wrap your arms around yourself and send yourself only deep, and compassionate love?


Samhain is the season of Death. This is when the outerworld dies, to make space for new life to be born.

If you are brave enough to look at the darkness, to listen to what it has to tell you … you will discover parts of yourself you need to let go of in order to grow and evolve.

This is where we leave behind the things that we’ve outgrown. Welcome the mystery and the possibilities of the space that it creates in your life.

A powerful time for Magic & Manifestation.


  • What new dreams will be born to replace the leaves that you’ve let go of?


Being brave enough to journey into the darkness requires mindful nurturing and self-compassion.

This is hard inner work that requires you to be gentle, loving and kind to yourself over the next few months.


In perfect divine timing, at Samhain we enter the FEMININE & YIN side of the wheel of the year.

YIN energy is restful,  gentle, nurturing, intuitive and receptive.


This energy encourages you to take deep care of yourself, sleep as much as you can, and don’t push yourself.

Whatever self-care looks like for you, do that.

Don’t judge yourself for how much you need it right now.

Allow yourself to rest, and be open to just receive whatever comes to you in this space.

This rest and gentle care is necessary to create new dreams & life for yourself.

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