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Snow Full Moon in Virgo

Updated: Feb 25


The Full Moon 🌕 greets us today in the sign of Virgo ♍️. It invited us to sit with our pain and wounds to experience abundant healing and forgiveness.

Tapping into Virgo’s ♍️ restorative energy, ask yourself what you need to let go of so you can stop vibrating in anger, resentment, or guilt and align with your truest gifts.

“The Moon fills up once it becomes empty. It shines in all its glory once it’s gone through its darkest expression. It doesn’t berate its darkness or wish for it to be any other way (as far as we know)." Carl Jung

One aspect that has been important to me over the years has been to track the influential power that the moon holds as she journeys through her different faces, from darkness thru to light, over the course of 30 days.  

This Saturday, the MOON 🌕 reaches fullness in VIRGO ♍️ and the SUN ☀️ in PISCES ♓️ ... this LUNAR event activates the AXIS of HEALING.

Since the moon illuminates what’s usually hidden, we can expect this full moon to uncover much needed insights on personal and collective healing.

The dreamy, magical, intuitive energy of Pisces ♓️ is complemented by Virgo's ♍️ analytical and observant nature, adding structure to our flow.


We are invited to explore how we can balance our personal growth and healing with taking care of the daily details of our lives.

Perhaps you've been neglecting your self-care practices lately, as you are head down working with all the day-to-day obligations. Or maybe you have been focused only on the tasks of life and not nourishing your soul. 

This beautiful full moon asks us to hold both and dig a little deeper under the surface at what might be getting in the way.


Do you recognize the limiting core belief of the Mother Archetype operating unconsciously... "I am NOT ENOUGH."

Or perhaps the limiting core belief of the Hero Archetype ... "I have to DO to be of value."

In our society, our value is often tied to what we do rather than who we are. If you are, in fact, walking the Mysterial path, the essence that propels you to dive more deeply and live with more awareness and receptivity will never leave you. 

Skipping a meditation practice in favour of putting the laundry away, temporarily placing your self-care on the back-burner for the sake of your children, or delaying a yoga session because your body craves sleep instead is not going to sever the sacred thread that connects you to your innate divinity. 

Over this weekend, I encourage you to see if you can hold the polarity of the liberating beliefs of the Mother and Hero Archetypes.

Try it on and see how it feels:

"I am enough just as I am."

"I am empowered to do what is mine to do."

The healthy Mother & Hero Archetypes help us to: 

- Connect to the deep ground of our being

- Source our doing from that deep ground

- Align with our unique purpose

- Avoid over-doing

- Become aware of what is ours to do

This is a good time to awaken the archetypal capacities of container-holding, unconditional self-compassion and discovering what is truly yours to do.

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