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Solstice Magic & What it Means for Your Zodiac Sign

June 21/23 was is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere.

👇 What does this mean? 👇

What happens at a SOLSTICE? 

There are two SOLSTICES a year - mark the beginning of winter and summer. Unlike the EQUINOXES (day and night are evenly split), the SOLSTICES represent either day or night being longer. 

The summer solstice marks the longest hours of daylight between sunrise and sunset. It’s a time when there is something extra special in the air, a rarified sense of magic. During this cycle, you can feel more tapped into the world around you and alert to underlying spiritual forces.  

SOLSTICE Themes Summer ‘23

  • Heightened emotional awareness

  • Enhanced intimacy with others

  • Connection with the natural cycles of the planet

  • Community &/or family gatherings

  • Protection, safety, & care

  • Home & belonging 

The summer solstice is marked by the SUN ☀️ transiting into the sign of Cancer ♋️. The themes that the Cancer ♋️ archetype represents center on the emotional dimensions of life, togetherness, and feeling safe, rooted, and cared for. 

When the SUN ☀️ is in this sign, there’s a tendency to be drawn towards home and community. There is a call to gather with others, where you can feel a deep kinship and a sense of belonging with the people around you.


In traditions the world over, the solstice has been a powerful time for community ritual and celebration. 

Cancer ♋️ is of the water 💦 element, which symbolizes emotions, intuition and spiritual energy. This can make you feel increased attunement to your surroundings, enhanced empathy, and psychic abilities. Expect an overall sensitivity to color your experiences. 


During the solstice, there are spiritual practices you can consider doing that align with the themes of this seasonal shift.  

House cleansings & blessings

  • Create an atmosphere in your surroundings that is energetically clear, comfortable, and sacred.  


  • The veil between the seen and unseen is especially thin during the seasonal shifts.

  • If you have an important question, this is a great time to divine about it.

Earth-honoring practices

  • Consider ways to show honour and gratitude to the earth.

  • Spend time outside, commune with nature, or tend to the planet in some way. 

Self-love rituals

  • Do something extra nice for yourself.

  • Tend to your care and self-love can be especially magical during the solstice. 

Connect with your roots

  • The zodiac sign of Cancer ♋️ is especially linked with themes of family and ancestry.

  • This solstice: practise a meditation to reach across space and time to connect, heal, and commune with the ancestors. 

Mini Horoscope for 2023 Summer Solstice

What you can expect for the summer solstice of 2023 ... 👇


  • During this solstice, events align to ensure your experiences overflow with meaning.

  • You can traverse the depths of who you are while moving deeper into self-discovery.

  • Dive into what arises, but observe and just be with what is without analyzing or having to figure anything out.  


  • This solstice will tend to be vibrant and laced with optimism, hope, and joy.

  • Your experiences will inspire you to take action.

  • You can count on big sweeping life changes to be set into motion during this time.


  • Your intuition will be especially strong during this solstice.

  • Utilize this time to delve into the emotional content of your being.

  • Practice mindfulness as a way to be present with the current experiences happening in your life. 


  • The summer solstice is marked by the Sun transiting into your sign, making this an especially significant time of year for you.

  • Anticipate space to just be and unwind.

  • Celebrations with friends and family will be abundant with themes of support, love, and togetherness.

♌️ LEO

  • You will tend to feel things in a deep way at this solstice, with space to process and consider recent events in your life.

  • Something from the past can resurface. This time around, you can feel more prepared to confront what arises. 


  • A gentle energy washes over you this solstice, allowing you to feel well and calm.

  • You find little moments of peace within what could be a busy time of year for you.

  • Use this moment to take a pause and settle into presence. 


  • You are likely to have increased activity around your life’s work or career during this solstice.

  • You can engage with the current energy to clarify your goals.

  • Set intentions and be mindful about where you will head next, exciting things are in the works!


  • During this solstice take things in stride going one step at a time.

  • Each moment holds infinite possibilities and contains a rich depth that you can tap into with ease.

  • Give yourself space to feel life in all its fullness.

  • Your experiences will bring you in touch with the world around you. 


  • The solstice will have a spacious energy to it, which allows you to take things in as they are.

  • This moment tends to be open-ended, with unfurling possibilities and potential.

  • Be inspired that anything can happen right now, destiny is turning your life toward something new. 


  • You can remain optimistic that the path ahead has been cleared.

  • Keep doing what you are doing as things will continue to fall into place.

  • You’re more future-minded this solstice than usual, while dreaming has its merits, remember to come back to the present so you can ground and center. 


  • New ways of doing things, new schedules, and routines are all on the table at this solstice.

  • Focus on what would contribute most to your overall well-being.

  • Right now ideas will be abundant and self-care a priority. 


  • This solstice will tend to bring out your creativity, inspiring you to make something special.

  • Tap into the extraordinary magic of the day, the mystical energy allows you deeper access to your imaginal realms, visions, and dreams. 



MUCH ❤️,


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