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Classes & Events | Summer Solstice 2020

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Significance of SUMMER SOLSTICE

- It’s the time to celebrate the light.

- Midsummer, or Litha, is the shortest night of the year, and it signals a return to the darkness as autumn approaches.

- Crops are planted and nature has reached her natural fullness.

- This joyous time reminds us to live in the moment in gratitude for the Earth’s abundance.

Significance of SUN SALUTATION:

- A sequence of yoga poses strung together in a consistent movement; typically in Vinyasa yoga (means linking breath with motion in a continuous flow).

- Physically challenging and excellent workout for cardiovascular system.

- Referred to as “Surya Namaskar” (Sanskrit).

- Traditionally practiced to usher in a new day, hence the name.

Significance of #108:

108 is sacred and significant in many ways; and appears in a variety of disciplines from astronomy to mathematics to sports to yoga. - 108 Upanishads

- 108 Tantras - Numerology: 108 equals 9, which symbolizes universal love, eternity, and awakening

- Ayurveda: 108 sacred points on the body

- Astronomy: distance between Sun & Earth is roughly 108 times the Sun’s diameter

- Malas and Rosary necklaces have 108 beads, used to count during prayers / meditations

- 108 stitches on a baseball

WHAT: Moving Meditation (108 Sun Salutations)

WHEN: Saturday, June 20, 2020 @ 7PM

WHY: Celebrate Summer Solstice

WHERE: Central Park Water Park (SE Hill)

GRATUITY: By Donation / Dads' Attend Free

** Note: ALL donations received will be contributed to a local family of 5 who lost their home to fire 🔥 on June 13.

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