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WHEN:  SUNDAY’S @ 12:30pm

COST:  $25/class or $85 monthly Nidra Pass

Rest is a God-like thing.

Rest is blessed.

Rest is the landing place for the Muse in all of her glory.

Rest is your doorway to spaciousness and evolution.

Rest is your most profound healing.

It is not an unimportant pause between events.

It is not something you earn.

It is not something you check off of a to-do list.

To choose rest is to choose yourself.

I spent most of my life pushing from my "not-enoughness". Feeling like I had to EARN my right to take up space on this planet through my efforts.

I couldn't celebrate my wins because the perceived debt that I owed was so big nothing I did would ever be enough. I did and did and did and developed and produced.

Even my yoga practice was a place of doing. Do asana. Do meditation. Do enough practice that I'm worthy. Do enough practice my body behaves. Do enough to cause transformation.

I worked in cycles of burn out and "energy." And after burn out there was even more to "catch up" on.

Endless destruction.

And in all my production guess what? I was less productive.

Not only was I less productive, I was shoving my soul deeper into a basement closet with every day.

It has taken REPEATED bouts of severe illness and injury to learn to PAUSE.

To learn that I am safe; that I am safe to rest.

To learn that it is my birth right and yours.

To learn that doing will NEVER give you your being. But that being will make your doing steeped in grace.

And so...


Every Sunday @ 12:30pm you can journey into being rested.

This is an opportunity to pause and come to a full stop.

You’ll exit the vortex of speed and make your body's a refuge.

You'll learn to be productive from a place of grace and ease.

You will learn to self-regulate, and cultivate a genuine rest practice that puts YOU and YOUR wellbeing at the front so you can be of SERVICE.

This is only 1 hour per week to restore, rejuvenate and heal.

Are you ready to live from ease?

Are you ready to be part of the rest revolution?

Yoga Nidra is a journey into you.

Nidra is a conscious shift away from your value being tied to your production and a sinking into your inherent nobility and worth.

Nidra invites you home.

See you soon 💤

Be Blessed,


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