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BioMat Healing Session

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The BioMat brings the healing benefits of far-infrared light energy and negative ion therapy through a combination of fabrics and amethyst stones to generate energy which is transferred to your body as penetrating far-infrared heat. It essentially transforms a regular electrical current into invisible warming light energy using 17 layers of specially designed fabric. It offers a feeling similar to the sun's deep, penetrating warmth on a perfect summer day, but is available any time of day, any season.

My Biomat offers a Quantum Energy Pad for added comfort, and I have recently added a BioAcoustic Mat to pair vibrational frequencies of sound with your amethyst healing experience.

A Basic BioMat Session in my Healing Hub includes your choice of:

  1. Far-Infrared Heat + Negative Ion Therapy, or

  2. Sound + Vibrational Frequencies

An Advanced BioMat Session in my Healing Hub combines the 2 mats for an all-encompassing session of:

  • Far-Infrared Heat

  • Negative Ion Therapy

  • Sound + Vibrational Frequencies

No other self-care tool provides the natural quality of BioMat.

All BioMat Sessions are 60 minutes in length.


  • Basic: 60 minutes | $30

  • Advanced: 60 minutes | $45

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