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Yoga Teacher Training
multi style yoga

Rhoni Straub is an ERYT 500 with the International Yoga Alliance.  Her school: Multi Style Yoga International is a registered school with the International Yoga Alliance and has been registered since 2007.


  • 30 + 40 Hour Continuing Education Programs 

  • SUP Yoga Teacher Training

  • 100 Hour Programs

  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

  • 200 Hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training

  • 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Rhoni has been practicing yoga since 1987, and has been a certified instructor since 2013.  She joined Hali Love and Multi Style Yoga International in 2015.  MSYI is a registered yoga training school with the International Yoga Alliance. 



To promote peace, health, empowerment, and education to all students. We employ a number of experienced facilitators hailing from a multitude of diverse backgrounds and training who offer asana classes, workshops, specialty programs and trainings to communities, schools/educators, parents, child-focused professionals, healthcare professionals, and yoga studios internationally. Our facilitators each have a personal practice anchored in the Multi Style Yoga roots of self-love, authentic expression, optimum well-being, and inspiration.​



Typically, to teach yoga anywhere in the world, an instructor is required to hold a minimum 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification from a Registered Yoga Alliance School. The International Yoga Alliance is a non-profit governing body that represents and supports Yoga Teachers, Yoga Schools, and Yoga Studios. MSYI has been registered with The Yoga Alliance since 2007, and currently holds a 200 and 500 Registered Yoga School Designation.  Our registered programs blend modern anatomical philosophy from physiotherapy, chiropractic methods, and western medicine with ancient traditions from eastern medicine including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai Yoga Massage Traditions, Eastern and Western Psychology, Energetic Anatomy, Ayurveda, and Yoga's Roots.  



We believe that no one style of yoga or that a single practice is 100% sustainable. We all go through different periods in our lives within our physical bodies, our mental, emotional, and spiritual states, our energy, and how much new knowledge we are capable of taking on. This is why we honour many different styles of yoga and other practices anchored in the tradition and the roots of yoga, including Yoga History & Philosophy, Critical Alignment Theory, Functional Anatomy, and Modern Nutrition.  We blend the ancient philosophies of yoga, Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage, and Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern anatomy and movement to create safe, well anchored yoga classes, and empowered individuals.  Just as we recognize that no single practice is 100% sustainable, we also believe that no single training program works for all students. This is why we offer a number of Programs around the world, all designed to kickstart your yoga teaching career, deepen your personal practice, or advance your existing knowledge. To become a Yoga Instructor, it is not required you acquire all 200 Hours at one time, or in one Training. All of our courses will count to your teacher accreditation, will not expire, and every hour will simply add to your educational portfolio.



We offer a programs our affiliate studios and retreat centers in Costa Rica, Montreal, Montana, British Columbia and Alberta, all of which are completely aligned with our core values.  View the Multi Style Yoga Calendar for details on all Programs.​ Whatever location you choose to train with us, you can expect an indescribable experience full of exploration, creation, and connection.​

"Training with Multi style yoga was a game changer for me in my life! Hali and Rhoni are amazing women with hearts full of love for yoga and all their students. I truly believe their vulnerability to share and the love for what they do is the reason that Multi style yoga has the tribe and energy that it has. From self inquiry, alignment based asana, meditation, chanting  and yoga philosophy, I learned to not only lead multiple styles of classes, but I made connections and friends that will last a life time.  Kate Watson"
"I went to teacher training not wanting to be a teacher, but to further my practice. I had no idea what to expect. I was expecting asana practice. A lot of it. And with two hours of practice every day, I definitely got it. But there was SO much more. What I learned about myself during my 200 hour teacher training completely turned my world around. I began to live outside my little bubble and started to see the bigger picture." Stef​
"There was a measurable shift in my life ~ my practice ~ my yoga offering after training with Multi Style Yoga! Each style of yoga has a different impact in our bodies and on our mats. There is something very special about MSYI!" Laurel
"I was guided from love and truth during my 200 Hour YTT.  Since my program, I have learned so much about myself and how my way of being was radiating into my world! I'm leaving my pattern of procrastination behind and have moved into action! I have gratitude for MSYI." Danna​
"My experience at yoga teacher training with Multi Style Yoga was simply incredible. By day 2 it was clear that this was something EVERYONE should experience. By day 16 my body, mind and spirit were so open, connected and so ready to keep learning.  I am a carpenter and never having the thought that I would teach yoga, I originally went to yoga teacher training for personal development. So I had some idea of what to expect but my expectations were blown out of the water." John
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