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Prana Yoga Massage
prana yoga massage

This 50-Hour Program will expose you to the comforting and healing power of human touch.

During your classroom hours, you will cover the MSYI Massage & Physical Assist Curriculum. You will put your knowledge into practice with both providing and receiving numerous Prana Yoga Massages and Physical Assists. After all, practice makes perfect (perfection = acceptance)!

Training days are long and require lots of energy. It's important to bring what you need each day (i.e. nutritious food and snacks , beverages, clothing, etc.).


This program combines SAFE physical yoga assists, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Theory, Energetic Principals and Anatomy. The purpose of the MSYI Prana Massage is to encourage stress release, correct alignment, and energetic balancing through the release of fascia tissue. This course is excellent for Yoga Instructors, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, or anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of the human body and functional anatomy.  


This is a 50-Hour Program: 4 day Training (10 hours/day), and a 10-Hour Practicum.

Obtaining Your MSYI Prana Yoga Massage Certificate

​Upon completion of  your 40 Contact Hours, you are required to fulfil your practicum post-training requirement as follows:

  • 5-Hours of Karma Yoga at a non profit organization (i.e. homeless shelter, women's shelter, day care, Montessori school, etc.) with completion of your Karma Journal Assignment.


  • Complete 5 MSYI Prana Yoga Massages (minimum 1 hour/massage). 

    • Submit a video (via You Tube of Vimeo link) to MSYI of your 1st and 5th videos. 

    • You will receive feedback on your 1st video, which is to be implemented by your 5th video.

  • Completion and submission of your Final Course Essay Assignment

    • Your topic will be individually assigned to you upon submission of your fifth video.


Your 40-Contact Hours includes an in-depth theory study, personal experience, and practice of the following modules:

  • Yamas & Niyamas

  • History of Thai Yoga Massage

  • Powerful Guide Techniques

  • Importance of Energy

  • MSYI 6 Bodies

  • TYM Fundamentals

  • Code of Ethics

  • Explore Deep Tissues

  • Effective Physical Assists

  • Prana Yoga Massage Sequencing

  • Business of Prana Yoga Massage

**10  Hour Post Training Assignment

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