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#1: NEW MOON 🌑 in PISCES ♓️

Pisces ♓️ New Moon 🌑 Dreaming in Motion

NEW Moon 🌑 in PISCES ♓️

SUN ☀️ in PISCES ♓️

This New Moon 🌑 in Pisces ♓️ provides us with a sky holding 5 planets in Pisces. ♓️

In the past few weeks there's been a significant amount of energy ... feeling all the feels, laced with dreamy qualities, and often includes a longing or inspiration.

Did you notice the Pisces ♓️ energy shining brightly?

If not, this blog may be useful.

For weeks now, we’ve had a minimum of 3 planets hanging out in Pisces. ♓️

In Astrology, we call that a stellium, when 3 or more planets are situated in the same sign.

This New Moon 🌑 has 5 planets in Pisces ♓️.

These 5 planets all stand ready for service: with either a drink in hand, a gummy nearby, or at least a deep visit to Netflix – 5 planets in Pisces ♓️ is A LOT. 

Piscean questions: 

  • Are you following your instincts?

  • Are you letting intuition lead your day?

  • Do you include music and incense in your life?

  • Have you been walking into a room and then forgetting why you are there? (there are a lot more reasons other than Pisces season to explain that).

  • Are you feeling off?

Pisces ♓️ can be a funny energetic that is full of creative flow – or it could be a crazy unfocused time steeped in emotions and distractions.

I have had to learn to be okay with both.

Challenge: During this New Moon 🌑 ...

Repeat this statement 3 times to make a commitment:

  • "I will let go of my goals and allow myself to float". 

For some of us who have lots of Earth 🌍 it’s difficult to float (LET GO).

For those of us who are filled with water 💦 it’s easy to flow through a day without structure – and then feel bad about it. 

  • No judgment on either side. 

For everyone it’s important to know the difference between 2 different energies:

  • the DOER

  • the TH BE - ER (you can follow the flow of the sky 🌌 and your authenticity)

Many Pisces ♓️ (💦 ) people judge themselves for daydreaming or being less focused.

This month, you get a “get out of jail free” card. We all need to know when to drift.

Inquiry 🧐

Did you know Pisces ♓️ is a great influence on the fascination of Astrology?

According to Wikipedia: In the Anunnaki Culture is a mythical tale 👇

  • The Anunnaki believed there were 7 gods mentioned by Utanapistim (later Noah) to Gilgamesh as the old gods that sent the flood on Earth. 🌍

Since being young, I have often thought about this existential inquiry, 🧐 and I've always wanted to understand:

  • Where did humanity begin? 

  • How was the human template put in place? 

Of course, it’s no surprise during the Pisces ♓️ season that this conversation was ignited in my mind.

We are 'hard wired' before we even arrive:

Our life is already setup. You couldn’t get this right if you wanted to – we learn from our mistakes. That’s how we are hard-wired.


Help me understand the value of silence.

Take away the internal dialogue that interrupts my peace.

Give me access to the part of me that can rest in quiet.

As I feel the arms of angels wrapped around me, I do believe in magic.

As I close my eyes and take a breath, right now, in this moment, I am resting with the angels.

Amen 🙏 or Namaste 🙏

Time to stop, feel, and meditate. 


  • Give yourself the gift to slow down and engage in Pisces month.

It’s a dark sky 🌌 during this New Moon. 🌑

Just know:

  • If you are overly sensitive or feeling off, nothing is wrong.

  • Tears are normal ... the sky 🌌 is filled with Water. 💦

  • Quiet is the medicine. 

I love to go deep and ask challenging questions.

I wonder which questions you have floating around your head?

Sending love,


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