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Libra ♎️ Full Moon, Sun ☀️ in Aries ♈️


Full Moon 🌕 in Libra ♎️ & Sun ☀️ in Aries ♈️

Spring Seaon in the Northern Hemisphere

This week brings a powerful Full Moon 🌕 in Libra ♎️ with the Sun ☀️ in Aries ♈️, right at the start of

This Full Moon 🌕 includes a Lunar Eclipse.

This Lunar Eclipse bolsters the energy of independent Fire 🔥 (Aries ♈️) and collaborative Air 💨(Libra ♎️ ).

Aries ♈️ wants to do it themselves; Libra ♎️ wants to partner. We all live with this in every relationship.

Inquiry 🧐

  1. How much can I be myself and hold my energy, not change for the other?

  2. How much can I compromise & dance with the other?

  3. When do I keep the peace ☮️?

  4. When do I make demands?

This is the conversation of the Eclipse.

All of us should pay attention.

Energy increases during Eclipses.

Someone born with a Full Moon 🌕 in Aries ♈️ & Libra ♎️ creates deep friendships. This combination indicates a person who knows individuality and bonding. One of their best traits is they let you be you as a result of their appetite for truth and honesty.

Full Moon is asking:

  1. Do you participate in the friendship dance (hello, Moon 🌕 in Libra ♎️)?

  1. Or do you play the independence game where you are a loner who has given up on people (hello, Sun ☀️ in Aries ♈️)?

The world we live in is just like this week’s sky – there are those who fight and act out while others try to talk their way into peace ☮️.

You dance with the cosmos whether you know it or not.

Law of this universe:  Let go of resistance.

A long time ago I made a promise I would not resist spirit as my teacher or with its requests. I would listen and follow instructions. This is why life hands me such large assignments. Life speaks – I listen.

Life speaks to all of us – in so many ways.


Life grabs your attention with an illness, heartbreak, tiredness, excitement, financial ease or discomfort, and opportunities.

If you are lucky – you hear the call; if you are luckier, a muse or a good teacher will arrive to come along and inspire you. 

Permission during this Full Moon 🌕 and Eclipse to take the prayer that says I am comfortable in my own skin and I’d love to dance with you.

I’m not going to dilute who I am or ask you to dilute who you are.

I would love to hear your point of view. Let’s see if we can create something together.

This Full Moon 🌕 is asking you to up your voltage.

A Full Moon 🌕 in Aries ♈️ season screams: Be honest.

Libra ♎️ says:  No judgment, everyone’s welcome here.


Simply be willing to discern what is true, stay grounded, and follow through.

Are YOU ready?

Enjoy this 🌕 in ♎️ ; it’s a biggy!

Sending love,


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