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Right now, somewhere in this world, something is happening for you.

  • A decision.

  • A conversation.

  • A chance encounter.

People and experiences and opportunities all converging ... leading straight to you.

Every day, things are happening in the background that you can't quite see. Like pieces of the puzzle connecting into place.

Creating a bigger picture that your short-range vision can't yet perceive ... it's going to come.

The person, the thing, the opportunity, and the experience that's beyond anything you're currently imagining.

When it comes, I promise, it will be real and it will be right.

  • Your thinking mind may question it, but your beating heart will know that this is for you.

Right here, in this moment, something beautiful is unfolding and you're worthy of it.

You're worthy of the good thing, loving things, and unimaginably beautiful things.

You're worthy of this perfect alignment!!


  • Keep your heart open.

  • Trust in what's coming.

  • Make space for that one thing … that one thing that's going to change everything.


Sometimes... 👇

  • What holds us back from uniting with what’s for us isn’t the outside world, it isn’t the universe.

  • It isn’t something external blocking us from what our heart knows is right.

Sometimes ... 👇

It's our own belief that we’re not worthy of this thing:

  • That we shouldn’t have it.

  • That we’re not enough for it.

  • It’s sometimes the fear that it’ll reject us if we come as we are.

  • That we must learn how to be better.

  • That we must mold ourselves into what we think is right and acceptable.

We ask ourselves:

  • What else can I do?

  • How can I transform myself into something that is worthy of this beautiful thing?

There is no lasting answer to that question because anything you do in an attempt to prove your worthiness is temporary.

There will always be another thing.

  • Another goal you must meet.

  • Another objective you must fulfill.

  • Etc.


The truth is, the thing that’s for you never needed you to prove anything. It was only you trying to prove something to yourself.

There is this infinite wisdom that lives inside you .. something that can’t be explained by your rational thinking.

It's honest and pure and true - and it knows:

  • what your mind can’t explain

  • what’s right

  • what’s real

  • what’s for you

  • you are already worthy

  • there is nothing to prove

  • it’s not about becoming anything

It’s about LETTING GO:

  • Let Go of the stories you’ve been clinging onto for too long

  • Let Go of the stories that can’t continue to live inside you if you want to step into this next chapter.


  • you have the courage to create new stories for yourself.

  • you honour the deep inner knowing that exists inside you.

  • you honor your worth. That you honor all that you are.

  • you know that today and forever, you are already enough.

Sending you my wholehearted love,


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