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“Holding the reins of your own evolvement.”

It is that potent time of year again, where we shift from walking away to walking towards.

This is the time of the year to acknowledge with gratitude all that transpired in the last spin around the sun. The ups and downs, and twists and turns, that helped you grow a few millimeters more fully into yourself. 

Reflective Inquiry 🧐

  • What were your greatest successes, learnings, and losses in 2023?

  • What role did each of them play in strengthening your capacity or expanding your perspectives?

As you reflect on all that transpired in the past year, you can begin to connect that experience with the person who you have now become.

Once we review, we can release, then begin to reveal what might be coming towards us in the future.

This is a time to start to look out into the horizon and dream big about where we might choose to venture and expand in the year to come.

REVELATION for 2024 (not resolution)

Instead of resolution I choose revelation.

Resolution is derived from the word resolute, which is predetermined, decided, and known.

I choose the word REVELATION. I want to become friends with parts of me that are still unknown, to reveal more of what potential I still have to discover about myself, with curiosity and openness.

When we look out to the horizon it is broad and vast and full of possibilities, which can be daunting and confusing.

Setting an intention to move towards, not necessarily a fixed destination to arrive at, but a direction to move towards, can be so valuable.

Choose your own adventure, knowing that there is no wrong move. Every move just gives you more information, better equipping you for the next choice.

Revealing your deep core values is one way to set your bearings for the journey ahead. And choosing one or two to explore next year can help harness the energy needed to fill your sails.

Where awareness goes, energy flows.

Soon you may notice that you start to choose thoughts, words, and actions that are supportive of this new journey and direction.

Soon the where becomes the way.


"Choose a core value to use as your Northstar to help you navigate the year ahead." (By: Mary Prefontaine)


Our key values through life stay somewhat consistent, like the heartwood of a tree. That being said, each year we may choose to focus more time, energy, or resources in one area of growth.


  1. What specific values will you focus on in the year ahead?

  2. Choose & List your 5 main values.

  3. Which Value stands out as a magnet for you, calling you into courage?

  4. What are you be willing to commit to this year to explore this area?

  5. How do you like to be accountable? Internal or external accountability?

  6. How do you intend to grow into them more fully this year.

From my heart to your heart,


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