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TCM & Winter Months

What Does Chinese Medicine Say About Winter?

In TCM, winter is a time to store vital energy in our bodies. It's recommended to focus on nourishing our body during winter, from the beginning of winter until spring is in bloom.

The cold winter weather can lead to stagnation and contraction of our body's energy, resulting in poor circulation of vital energy and blood. This can make existing health issues worse or make it easier to come back. Serious diseases like stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, and heart attacks tend to happen more often. 

During winter months it's essential to take preventive steps to stay healthy.

Normally, the vital essence (blood, body fluids), in the form of water, is derived from the transformation of Qi in the kidneys and bladder. A smaller portion becomes vital fluid, spreading throughout the body, including the skin, while the majority transforms into water, descending into the bladder to form urine. 


However, during winter, our bodies hold warm energy, causing Qi, blood, and water to move inward. This inward movement gives more pressure to the kidneys and bladder, making them work harder, therefore, increasing the chance of having conditions such as nephritis, nocturnal enuresis, urinary incontinence, and edema. 


Health preservation is something that needs to be done in every season, and the methods for health preservation vary in different seasons.

Below are listed useful health tips:

1. Drink warm water in the morning.

It warms the body and cleanses the stomach and intestine. It also dilutes the blood, preventing cerebral thrombosis and myocardial ischemia.

2. Keep your back warm.

Evil energies like wind and cold are prone to invade the body through the back, causing diseases. In winter, the elderly, children, and those with weaker constitutions should pay attention to keeping their backs warm to avoid harm to their yang energy.

3. Sunbathe ☀️

Sunbathe whenever and wherever possible. Sunlight provides warmth, allowing yang energy to flow smoothly, promoting blood circulation, and enhancing the body's ability to ward off evil forces. Try working where the natural light from the window can touch you.

4. Soak your feet.🦶

Feet are the foundation of your body and have close relationships with your head and heart. Soaking your feet in hot water before bedtime in winter, promotes blood circulation, beneficial for eliminating fatigue and improving sleep.

Please take good care and stay warm.    

Heal naturally and live happily,   


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