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❄️🐛🦋🔥♥️ ☀️ 🙏

"Unlock the Potent Energies of the 2023 December Solstice Gateway"

The time on and around the December 21, 2023 the Winter ❄️ Solstice offers an awesome opening to the higher realms of Spirit.

Waves of Divine Frequency and Cosmic Crystalline light are streaming in. The potential is here for you to amplify your alignment with the Divine, to harmonize with the highest possibilities, increase your manifestation abilities  … and to leap forward on your personal path of spiritual growth, and transformation.

Challenge: It is up to you to tune into the energy and claim the expanded levels of awareness.

This Winter Solstice activation point is happening just in time … during this time, it seems easier than ever for humanity to become disconnected and cut off from the healing frequencies of love and peace.

Many are inadvertently blocking themselves off from the flow of Divine life-force energy that can heal, uplift, and magnify the attraction abilities that allow you to live a more joyful, prosperous, and love-filled life.

THE TRUTH IS … There's more Divine Light here for you to access today than ever before!

This is the time when tremendous Rays of Light are pouring forth from Source, from the Great Central Sun and Galactic Core .... unveiling a Divine opportunity to activate your energy centers, illuminate your light-body and raise your vibration to resonate with the Divine Love that is your Truth.

The Time Around The December Solstice Gateway Marks A Major Reset Point for Humanity.

The 12:21 Experience Will Empower You to Step Into Divine Alignment with Your Highest Possible Path.

As the Winter Solstice approaches, the world outside slows down, inviting us to turn inward & reflect on the transformative power of this magical season.

🌟 Celebrate the Birth of the Sun: 

Immerse yourself in seasonal rituals, meditations, and journal prompts designed to illuminate the dreams & aspirations that await within you.

🕯️Personal Winter Solstice Rituals:

Immerse yourself in three distinct rituals designed for personal reflection and growth. Connect with the essence of the season, celebrate your journey, and set intentions for the coming year. 🌟

🎯 Focus Areas for Personal Growth: 

Discover where to channel your energy for maximum impact, fueling your personal growth journey in the coming year.

✍🏽 Reflect & Empower: 

Engage with Winter Solstice journal prompts, providing deeper insight into your thoughts and feelings, aligning you with empowerment.

🔮 Tap into Your Intuition: 

Explore Winter Solstice tarot spreads to gain seasonal guidance and inspiration, unlocking your intuitive wisdom.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Celebrations Made Meaningful: 

Create lasting memories with a simple family craft and ritual, fostering connection and joy with your loved ones.

🌿 Create Your Spiritual Haven:

 Establish a grounding and empowering altar, a 'home base' for your spiritual practice and personal growth work.

🧘🏾‍♀️ Stay Grounded with Meditations: 

Immerse yourself in simple Winter Solstice meditations, ensuring a grounded and serene season.

📅 Empowered Ritual Planning: 

Say goodbye to overwhelming planning. Instead create powerful celebrations that aligns with your intentions.

❄️ Winter Solstice Ritual:

Is an effective way to activate your intentions for the new year by turning inward and awakening your inner fire.🔥

(UMM watch for the Winter Soltice rituals)

It's time to activate Divine Love in your heart ♥️ center and shine brighter and larger than ever amidst the darkness that's all around.

Embrace the Winter Solstice and winter season with grace, calmness, and patience. And allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate the cells within your body.

❄️🐛🦋🔥♥️ ☀️ 🙏


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