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Yoga Nidra: Sundays 12:30pm


Date:  March 3rd

Time:  12:30pm

Location:  3rd Str Studio

Energy Exchange: $25

Preregistration required:  DM Rhoni

Nidra provides support and guidance for your Nervous System Regulation, and guides you through a calm meditation (centre’s mind & body) to promote relaxation and clarity.

Whether you're seeking to enhance your mindfulness practice, gain insight into your nervous system, connect with a supportive community, or simply rest … this class is for you.

Yoga Nidra is an opportunity to nurture your well-being, recalibrate your nervous system, to gain valuable tools for personal growth, to improve your self-awareness, and / or connect with like-minded people on a shared journey.

The studio is safe and energetically warm which are both necessary for your body and mind to receive the healing thru a guided Nidra session.

I look forward to connecting with you on Sunday.

See you there!

Warm regards,


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