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When is the beaver full moon?

Monday, November 27, 2023.

Why is it called the beaver full moon?

November's full moon is thought to be called the beaver full moon because of the animal's retreating behaviour ahead of winter – though others believe it comes from Native American traditions. This was historically the time for setting beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs.

Beaver full moon is sometimes called ‘mourning moon’.

Since November's beaver moon is the last full moon before the winter solstice, some refer to it as the ‘mourning moon’. According to pagan traditions, is a time to let go of past troubles or grief and look forward to a new season and soon, a new year.

Beaver full moon Spiritual meaning:

This year, the beaver moon is in Gemini ♊️.

  • Enhanced communication and learning: Full Moon in Gemini brings a surge in intellectual curiosity and the desire to express ideas more effectively. It's a prime time to engage in conversations, explore new concepts, and embrace diverse perspectives.

  • Social interaction and versatility: This period favours increased social activities and networking. Gemini's dual nature encourages adaptability and the recognition of multiple viewpoints in any situation.

  • Balancing emotions with logic: The Beaver Full Moon highlights the need to find a balance between emotional responses and logical thinking, prompting reflection on the effectiveness of personal communication and decision-making processes.

The Beaver full moon may also bring some changes to your relationship and career.

Your relationship game is about to get a turbo boost. Communication is key, and right now, it's like you've been handed a golden microphone. Chat it up with your significant other, dive deep into those 'what if' conversations, or just gossip like there's no tomorrow. Your relationships are craving those real talks – think of it as mental yoga, stretching and flexing those brainy muscles together.

As for your career, communication remains important here, too.

This Gemini ♊️ influence is your verbal superpower phase – perfect for nailing presentations, charming your way through negotiations, and crafting marketing messages that pop.

Networking? This is your red-carpet moment. Schmooze at industry events, slide into those LinkedIn DMs, and maybe even drop a witty tweet or two.

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