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GEMINI BEAVER FULL MOON 🌕 Nov 27/23: blog #1




“Curiosity guides my search for wisdom; changing my mind allows more room for gnosis”


What deep listenings were heard on the last Scorpio ♏️ new moon 🌑? Go back to read your journal if you wrote about anything, or if intentions were set.

Perhaps it was a place of unknown, that now language and communication can be applied to. Or a subtle felt desire, that now makes more sense in the mind.

The Gemini ♊️ full moon 🌕 brings more light for mental integration and inspired action, to move through the castle of mirrors of worldly interactions with a particular perspective, or leave it altogether to find a new one with a different view.

Maybe a decision was made that doesn't sit right anymore, or a reality settled on that proves to be too limiting. It's ok to change our minds with a lens of self curiosity.

This mentally active moon squares Saturn 🪐, reminding us that if we require a different path, we need to put something into action and do the work.

With an air of increased optimism thanks to the Sun ☀️, Mars and Mercury being in Sagittarius ♐️, the outcomes look a little lighter and feel a little less heavy. The view altered, realities diverse.

Truths for you, truths for me, they are all relevant.

Finding connections between them is what makes us human.

Stay curious, it's regenerative.

🌕 Blessings,


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