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Do You Feel The Nudge Of The New Moon?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Tonight’s New Moon is asking you to change a little.

The “NEW MOON* in Cancer tonight precipitates with it an Axis shift - this current will continue to move you forward. You need to let go of the familiar, so you can be transformed by the great river of change.

Present times demand great effort to keep your head above water, to keep swimming so you don’t drown. It’s important to remember you can take time to shift and you don’t need to rush the process. All you ever need to do is be yourself. The universe adjusts your world to fit who you are, who you TRULY are. You will suddenly be surrounded by those who are like minded, aligned with themselves and who they are and happy, joyous and free.

Release the grips of control of who you think you should be and who or what belongs in your life and allow those people, places and things that belong to come and those who don’t to fade. Protect your space from that which disturbs your peace and don’t give a “F” who gets offended because if they are, they aren’t your people 💪🏽

I am particularly sensitive when it comes to the New Moon: I get tired, anxious, can feel foggy and unclear about where I am going, and sometimes I’m sad. This all comes with the territory of new growth and shifts as this journey is not linear. You cannot force change that isn't ready or control the outcome of something that isn't meant to be. Humans are cyclical beings.

The phases of the moon are the perfect reflection of the ebb and flow of life. You cannot always be ON (unless you are faking it); you must take time to be inward, quiet, and connect to your soul.

If you aren't feeling all the way lit up right now, you may simply be in alignment with the flow of the entire universe! Congratulations, friend, you are human. 

Take a deep breath. This second New Moon in the sign of Cancer (first was June 22) during Cancer season (holy moly emotions) also comes with the challenging configuration of Saturn in Capricorn almost directly opposing it. Without getting too technical, oppositions are points of tension, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Oppositions are friction, and often give you a little push out the door.

This one is more like a wake-up call that may come in the form of whispers from your soul.

It is the itch asking for a scratch.

It is the hermit crab growing out of her shell and upgrading her living quarters.

It is the caterpillar turning into complete liquid before growing the parts it needs to be a butterfly.

It is this inner-growth that is taking place right now that might not feel so glamorous. This is no surface level experience - you’re diving deep on an individual and collective level. 

Saturn teaches life lessons. Saturn asks if you are on your path, living your truth, taking up space, holding healthy boundaries, and doing the hard work of being authentic or asking you to wake up if you’ve fallen asleep at the wheel; or taken the complacent and overly safe route.

Are you still following your heart? Or have you given up because life just got too hard?

My teacher (Debra Silverman) explains Saturn to be like the high school principal within you, making sure you aren't slacking off or getting your souls into trouble and off the path of growth. 

This configuration makes the New Moon in Cancer all the more potent and slightly challenging, especially if you are sensitive to astrological energies. This time is all about integrating the lessons you've learned about self-love and self-care over the past few months.

This New Moon is an invitation to look at how you either deny and ignore, or validate and express, your own wants and needs. Cancerian energy asks you to nurture and care for yourself.

TODAY is the perfect day for introspection on all the ways in which you've grown since the last new moon and over the last few months. All of society has been through the wringer and could use some self-love. Its important to remember that the World has been through many storms in the past, but there’s always a rainbow after!


1. Pause - take time to sit back and reflect on your magnificent life and all the ways in which you've grown; and shower yourself with celebratory energy - You deserve it! You’re doing better than you realize; even if you feel like a hot mess right now (be happy if this is you because this means you are not a robot). Welcome to being a human in 2020 - keep swimming, you got this!

2. Tonight gaze up at the stars into the ever expanding universe and catch sight of the comet NEOWISE. Its purpose is to get you into alignment with your individual evolutionary journey with where the universe is needing to go next.

I have so much love for you and am truly grateful and humbled by this beautiful commUNITY.

Namaste 🙏

~ Rhoni ~

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