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New Moon 🌙 In Cancer

Updated: Jul 30, 2020


Date: Monday, July 20th

Element: Water

Planet Ruler of Cancer: Moon 

Body Parts: Breasts & Stomach

Permission: Nurture Yourself & Rest

This New Moon in Cancer is about integrating the lessons you've learned about self-love and self-care over the past few months. This New Moon is an invitation to look at how you either deny / ignore or validate / express your own wants and needs. Cancerian Energy asks you to nurture and care for yourself.

It is time to put yourself first.

The moon is 'at home' in Cancer. This is where the energy of the home, safety, connection, and security reside.

Do you feel connected to your inner world? 

If you are feeling drained, depleted, or out of sorts, your soul may be asking for some deep rejuvenation.

This is a golden permission slip to take a nap! Step away from your to-do list, and over-working, or over-achieving to reconnect with your inner world and fill your spiritual inner well.  



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